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a creative

Vitamin C for you & your company!

Master class:
unlock your creativity

Understanding and escaping your thinking so you can really think 'Outside the Box'.



Create a creative thinking culture within your teams and organization. I will shift your thinking and give you tools to continue to do that independently within your teams and organization.


Creative trigger-talks live

A mental shake up session to
trigger your other way of thinking.


Creative way of thinking and leading brings you
and your team to the next level.


A creative culture fosters forward-thinking, solution-oriented, innovative, agile, and inspiring individuals and organizations. It promotes more enjoyment and dynamism, encouraging proactive and motivated attitudes.

A creative culture is the foundation of real change, where a different kind of thinking, creative thinking, is encouraged and motivated at all levels. It suppresses creative "killers" such as fear, egos, and politics, while rewarding creative "thrillers" like safety, inspiration, and fun. The energy generated and the unlocking of new thinking lead to more effective solutions, increased innovation, success, and enjoyment in the workplace.



create a 'future proof' company 
thanks to a creative thinking culture.


speaker, trainer and creative leadership coach Charles Hale

As a creative leader within various organizations, I discovered that I have the ability to easily inspire creativity in others as well. I have served as a creative and strategic director at advertising agencies and advertisers. Currently, I work as a brand strategy & activation consultant for brands such as HEMA, Talpa e-commerce, YesPlease coffee, and the Dutch Heart Foundation. My goal is to help these brands achieve greater differentiation and stronger internal and external brand preference.


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Out of the Box Trigger Talks

Podcast where I, from within my 'box', trigger and motivate you to think differently with insights and easy weekly assignments.


Are you game?

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