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Outside the box

Ontgrendel De creativiteit

Shift from 'Out of the Box' to 'Outside the Box'-thinking

In the Masterclass, I challenge participants in a one-day workshop to unlock their creativity. We start with a brief exploration of the field, discussing what creativity is and the concepts of 'Out of the Box' and 'Outside the Box' thinking, and how they work. We delve into how you can evoke creativity in yourself and others, understanding the role of both your mind and intuition. Then, we get to work.

We address common obstacles such as the "Yes, but..." mindset and the perception of ideas already being explored. Together, we break down barriers caused by internal politics, systems, and agendas. We identify and acknowledge the "creative killers & thrillers." We tap into the playful side, igniting the torch of passion and igniting the fire of enthusiasm on how to evoke creativity in oneself and others.

Next, we focus on shifting perspectives on problems and how to formulate them more effectively. We engage in practical exercises on providing and receiving feedback, presenting and selling something new, and putting the briefing into writing.

Quote Pablo Picasso
Charles Hale giving a Masterclass


  • How and why do you think the way you do?

  • What is 'the box' and how do you think outside of it?

  • Creative thrillers & killers

  • How do you give and receive feedback?

  • Methode 'Label & Mix'

  • Formula 'John Cleese'

  • Filosophy 'Shunryu Suzuki'


And plenty more surprising topics and eye-openers.

This day will provide you with ample energy and mental vitamin C to increase your business resilience and creatively unlock your authentic intelligence. We will work with insights, quotes, methods, formulas, and a surprising philosophy. You will leave with a fresh perspective on your industry, product, or service, as well as how to effectively challenge and engage yourself, your team, or your students in 'Outside the Box' thinking.

Who is it for:

There are Masterclasses available for organizations and individuals.

  • Executives, (management) teams, departments, and individuals

  • Different types of organizations, institutions, and departments

  • Educational institutions and programs

Beneficial for:

  • Skills: problem-solving ability and innovative thinking

  • Interpersonal and individual flexibility

  • Mindset, team spirit, and workplace happiness

  • Developing more self-managing teams

Masterclass: Unlock your creativity
From thinking 'Out of' to 'Outside the Box'.


€ 495 per person

Starting from € 2.499 per group 

  • Excluding any catering, venue rental, and guest speakers.

  • Can be covered by training budget
    (consult your employer's HR department to inquire about a personal development budget).

Download the sheet containing information about Outside the box thinking masterclass

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