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360º Creative 

Securing a constant flow of creativity within your team

in 5 stages a creative team culture

'Outside the Box'

5 methods

'Outside the box"
Booster sessions



3x teamlead + 4x team members coaching sessions


Unlock your own and your team's potential with more creativity, innovation, effectiveness, flexibility, and DISTINCTIVENESS.
With the true 360º Creative Culture Course.

In a creative culture, you will find onward-thinking, solution-oriented, innovative, agile, and inspiring people. They are proactive and motivated individuals who bring more fun and dynamism to the table. By fostering a creative culture within your department or organization, you can make your future "future-proof."

A creative culture is the foundation for real change. It leads to a transformation and transition towards a different kind of thinking at all levels. A creative culture stimulates new thought patterns, inspiration, and enjoyment. It unlocks energy for effective solutions, more innovation, and successes. It results in distinctiveness and sets you apart. It suppresses the creative killers such as fear, egos, and politics, while rewarding the creative thrillers of safety, inspiration, and fun.


Masterclass & Workshops


This is the kick-off. You will learn what creativity is and how to unleash it in yourself and others. I will provide insights into how the mind works and teach you to reach solutions, innovation, and change faster. I will guide you in transitioning from "Out of the Box" to "Outside the Box" thinking. I will help you strengthen the connection between your gut, heart and your mind (emotion, sense and reason) and how to use them professionally. Will teach you about FLOW-state and how to achieve it individually and as a team. I will show you how to deal with setbacks and turn them around. And finally, I will teach you how to present your ideas, concepts, plans, designs, or strategies effectively.

3 Trigger Tiles

I have a many more challenging trigger tiles in store for you to fire-up your creative brain

5 methods workshops (2 days)

A day where we thoroughly go through and practice the methods: Sblendid, Onward Thinking, Context Canvases, Take5, and Pitching. We will spread this over two days to ensure sufficient practice and review with each other. The cases will be tailored based on the department.

feedback workshop (1 day)

Feedback is the way forward! However, most of us have never really learned how to give and receive feedback effectively. In my opinion, the purpose of feedback is to promote progress.

'Outside the box' thinking refresh & booster session (1 day)

You have been working on developing and sustaining a creative and critical thinking culture for some time now. However, we all know how easy it is to slip back into old ways of thinking, habits, and behaviors. During this session, we will review what we have covered and I will provide a few boosters to either reignite the process or accelerate it, ensuring that the momentum continues.

Creative consults & coaching (7 hours)

After the workshop, the real work begins. You will inevitably encounter challenges that can dampen the creative fire, hinder innovation, development, and personal growth. Internal politics, conflicting interests, fear, and a lack of vision are often the underlying causes. I will provide you with tools to navigate these situations and turn them around if needed. I can offer remote or on-site support, both in a team setting or one-on-one.


Reflect and refresh session (1 day boost)

After a few months (mostly 3), I will come back for a reflection and refresh session. With the same group we started with, we will go through the previous period. We learn from each other and inspire each other. At that point, I will act more as a mediator than a trainer because the goal is for you to maintain and enhance the creative culture yourselves.

review & assess Session (Half a day)

It is widely known that if a person consistently does something for a period of three months, it becomes ingrained and becomes a part of their system. However, we are all unique and individually face various factors that can disrupt or even interrupt the process. We will sit down again and go through the entire period. Where do you feel the change and what obstacles did you encounter? You can also choose to review your work.

Charles giving Masterclass
Charles Hale explaining
360 course image

The six group sessions will be spread over a period of 4 months and can be held at your office or at a rented location. Included are the six group sessions, three creative leadership coaching sessions, and four creative team coaching sessions. If additional consultations are needed, they can be booked separately. Rental and catering are not included.

Trigger Tile Lincoln
The future is here! Are you game?

360º Creative culture COURSE

Securing a constant flow of creativity within your team

for whom:

  • Management and teams

  • Various types of organizations, institutions, and departments

The course secures:

  • Problem-solving skills and innovative thinking

  • Mutual and individual flexibility

  • Entrepreneurial mindset, creative and critical thinking, team spirit, and job satisfaction

  • Self-directed and self-motivated teams.

360º Creating a Creative Culture Course.

Masterclass, Methods Workshops, Feedback workshop, Booster sessions, Leadership & Team coaching sessions, Team review & assess session.


€ 11.900,- per department

Inquire about the non-profit fees

  • Prices exclude VAT.
    They do not include catering, venue rental, and guest speakers.

  • The course cost can be covered by the training budget, so please check with your employer's HR department if they have a personal development budget available

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