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Charles Hale shakes your thinking with triggering insights, quotes, a philosophy, eye-openers, and challenges.


You're familiar with the motivator: think 'outside the box'! But what is that 'box' and how did you end up in it? And uh, does it really make sense?

No, of course not! In fact, it's a call to keep thinking the way you already do.

Hmm, and that in a rapidly changing world. Or rather, a rapidly wanting-to-change world. Shall I tell you a little secret that you already knew?

Very little to nothing changes if nobody changes their thinking.

Shall we brainstorm for an hour or longer and trigger your creative thinking ability?

3 Creative Trigger Talks to choose from:

- For leaders -
60 or 90 minutes

There is little to no creativity without creative leadership.
Understand and awaken creativity within
yourself and your teams.
Know its triggers, its comfort zone, its space and its owners.
It’s ready and waiting to do its amazing and energising thing. 

You just need to activate it.

What is creativity and when does it act

How to activate and cultivate it

Create the perfect setting and climate

Speak and write with the creative words

- For teams and companies -
60 or 90 minutes

Creativity is always there, available and accessible whenever you want or need it. It just needs you to give it a little nudge, push and motivation for it to come out of it’s hiding place.
Come out and playfully dig for information
and discover raw diamonds. 

Creativity is not a question of talent, but about the
query and quest to find new answers. 

Lets say hello to creativity.

What is creativity and when does it come out to play

What does it love and what is it scared of?

The necessary opposition of creativity

The Hello’s they react to

- For leaders of companies in transition -
60 or 90 minutes

We are in an era of change. Change is what most people dislike. Strange, isn’t it, since most people want something different? Whatever it is, it requires choice, and two phases of change. The transition and implementation phase. 

Thinking, along with communication and entertainment, are the most effective creative powers for true change -to get through the tricky transition phase.
The phase where to fall back or to move forward are the two options. 

 Let’s move forward and create tomorrow.

The mind and it’s OS

How to create a clear vision and future

The two sources: brand and comms

Entertainment as the move forward transistor

Prijs Creative Trigger-Talks Live

Starting at € 495

Prices are exclusive of VAT and travel expenses beyond 50 kilometers.

come and trigger us!

Thank you! I will get back to you a.s.a.p.

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