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Context delivers multiple keys to opportunities

Worth the watch video with Gillian Tett. Sounds like she has it at the right end. The right end of new beginnings that is. Our lineair scholing and education has taught us a lineair way of thinking. Always in search for logic. Whilst the magic is to be found in context. Logic seldomly results in creativity. But that is logical isn't it?

Our lineair way of thinking also creates tunnel vision. And again, this does not deliver you or your company creativity.

Be aware of tunnel vision within your team and company. It happens quite easily as we are basically educated similarly. Framing techniques also stimulate tunnel vision which a lot of people unconsciously apply.

Simply motivate your team to look broader at issues. Have them quest the different contexts that could or could not be of influence. It will deliver food for creative thought for sure.

Have fun!


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