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Creating and maintaining a creative culture

How to make your company more versatile.

Being creative is not necessarily a talent. Creativity is actually a way of thinking. It is this way of thinking that sets your company ahead in the market. Could even be vital in challenging times. What often happens in times of crisis is that creative thinking is suddenly asked for. For those that are creatively wired this is an easy request. But for those who's daily work is ruled by protocols, systems, rules and directive type directors, stay in the box and checking boxes, this is a tough one. This certainly doesn't mean that they are unable to be creative, don't hold solutions to problems or needs. On the contrary.

My experience is that many great, innovative solutions, concepts, start in an un-expected corner. In my positions as creative lead I have always said: I don't give a f*ck where or from whom the idea comes from. As long as it comes to table and is realised in conjunction with professionals. Now you could say this is directive. And I would agree, I tend to be directive on creative thinking and quality of execution. To force one out of their comfort zone.

Now how can you create and maintain such an environment? If you have a creative leader or lead, he or she will create, evoke and maintain it. But there are hardly any creative directors/leads in companies. Or creative departments for that matter led by creative people. Strange, because it's a proven beneficial position! If you have the right person that is. Because not all creatives are suitable to work in a company where you daily encounter politics and creative killing forces.

So can you create and maintain a creative culture without a creative lead? Sure you can. Can you train creative thinking? Absolutely! Want to know how? Drop me a line and we can discuss a custom made strategy.

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