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Priority & Creativity.

Difficult times create prioritisation. Often resulting in focussing on problems as they are often the most compelling reason to prioritise. And as it is a priority it needs to be solved and fast. Can you feel the stress level rising? Everything is on the line. Your head is on the block. The axe on hold as you fixate. If you are in the middle of prioritising you may feel you are wasting time reading this 1 minute article. As one minute of valuable time not spent on a crisis or problem is a minute lost. So you probably feel you want to work on the 'safe' solution. Keeping the axe from falling on you or on your team. Maybe even on your whole company.

Stress and fear obliterate creativity and innovation. Two main elements that make a brand, service or product distinctive.

Creativity should be a priority at all times. Making difficult times, such as these, a little easier to get through. Because being creative is being flexible, open, connective and cooperative.

Creativity is the business vitamine C. The vitamine for resilience.

I truly wish you wisdom, mental and physical health in these new and developing times.

Keep the doors closed to corona and your mind open to new possibilities.

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