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Unlock your teams full potential with ITS

ITS enables

As a CEO, leader (not a “boss” type), manager you know what your main business capital is. And it’s not what shareholders, banks and insurances tend to look at. Their focus is mainly return on investment. They judge a company’s health on its wealth. Judge the potential of product and marketing plan. This narrow blinkered view and sticking to shallow protocols often decide a company’s destiny. Whilst they should include looking at the right combination of people, product and brand. Why because those are the three most important pillars of a company. They decide the company’s destiny. Now I hear you thinking where is the financial pillar? Surely, not unimportant. I am not saying it isn’t! But finance is a result of the first three. If you get the first three right, you will achieve/earn the fourth pillar.

In this article I am only going to talk about one pillar - people. Simply because people or an individual are/is behind every single result. Furthermore, I believe people to be the most important asset of a company.

Unlocking your people’s full potential unlocks your company’s full potential. It’s as simple as that! A leader acknowledges this, a boss knows this. So what are the key factors that help unlock people’s/teams potential. My experience it’s ITS: Inspiration, Trust and Support. if you think and act this way you will receive a bonus? Creativity! Both at an individual and group level. Unlocking one’s full potential is unlocking creativity.

Centralising people, your team, is often the answer and solution to any/many problems. Their skills, experience, creativeness, love (yes love too!), passion, and happiness are (unmeasured) capital. They influence nearly every result.

ITS (inspiration, trust, support) unlocks your company’s full potential and comes with a valuable bonus, creativity. Try it! And if you want to change your company on a larger scale, let me know. I can help build an internal change strategy and campaign which will speed change up.

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