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Develop your creative intelligence and unlock your potential, both personally and collectively.

from 'Out of' to 'Outside the Box' thinking

In a day, I will introduce you to what already lies within you. Learn what creativity is and how to evoke it in yourself and others. I will introduce methods and a philosophy that will help unlock your creativity.
We will engage in exercises and get to work.

Starting at € 245 per person (minimum of 5 people)

available in Dutch and English

creative Trigger Talks Live

A speed-date with your Creativity.

Change = creativity

Starting at € 649

available in Dutch and English

creative consult

Do you want a second opinion on an idea, briefing, plan, or feedback? Or do you need support, guidance, or direction in overcoming a blockage, situation, or conflict?

€ 225 per hour

available in Dutch and English

personal coaching

Ik begeleid je naar je creatieve denkvermogen waarmee je kwesties kunt omkeren naar kansen. Samen ontwikkelen we een strategie en een stappenplan, op basis van een techniek voor conceptontwikkeling.
Deze werkt en is doeltreffend.

€ 105 per uur of € 65 per 30 minuten
available in Dutch and English

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