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Curiosity thrilled the cat

If you stop asking why, you stop educating yourself and in result stop stimulating your intelligence. Furthermore intelligence comes and grows with the question why. The why question is also extremely good for developing your creativity! Yep, you can train your creative brain. And curiosity makes creativity possible.

Curiosity is also the way out of the box. Looking beyond your own borders will present new horizons and not disorder. Disorder is what you may experience at first. As looking broader in combination with what you have learned, know, focused on, and believe together with your creativity can create disruption. Now most people tend to back-off at this point. Why? Because disorder is often stressful for your brain. It's hard for some to spot the dots in disorder. Dots that deliver new insights and possible combination.

Stop withholding the why question! Stop feeling stupid when you ask why. Stop judging others when they ask why. If someone doesn't ask why questions, question why. Your curiosity feeds your creativity and your creativity will thrill others.

Oh, and if you come across a boss that tells you to stop asking why? Just ask why! And if the answer is, 'I did the thinking so you don't have to' (actually encountered this situation myself once) -get the fuck out.

Stay curious! It will give you new dots to connect with creativity.

Happy discoveries.

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