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Creative leadership


A creative thinking culture is essential to stay competitive and ahead of the rapidly changing world we live in!

I coach and brainstorm with CxOs, directors, and team leads to unlock the effective creative thinking power within their teams and guide them in leading with creativity.

According to LinkedIn and the World Economic Forum (WEF), creativity is the number one soft skill/competence of today and the future. This is evident in many job advertisements. I am fully supportive of this not just because it increases the chances of being hired, but because I believe, as you do, that creativity is the foundation of change.

Without (collective) creative thinking, little to no change can take place.

What do I offer?

I coach and train CxOs, directors, team leads, and managers to utilize their skills in unlocking, developing, and nurturing a creative thinking culture within their teams. I provide answers, guidance, and tools to address the following questions:

  • How do you assess whether someone is creative, and what does it actually mean? Are your HR department and recruiters aware of this and do they know what and how to search for it?

  • How do you determine if someone can think differently, think creatively? With a test? But which test? This is on an individual level, but the real power of creative thinking lies within the team.

  • How do you ensure that your teams think and perform creatively? How do you do that and what is required? Is simply saying "think freely," "think out of the box," or "you have carte blanche" effective? And what do you need to work on and pay attention to in order to unlock creativity in individuals and within your teams?

It requires careful consideration, I can tell you that. With a single word or action, you can instantly shut down creative thinking in someone and the rest of the team. Therefore, as a leader, it is important to use all your senses when guiding your team creatively so that you can quickly detect any obstacles. The longer you let it go unnoticed, the harder it becomes to reignite.

Creativity Consultant and Coach
Charles R. Hale


Charles Hale, creative thinking specialist, leader, consultant, trainer, lecturer, and author of 'Unlock Your Creativity'.

'In recent years, I have successfully coached multiple leaders one-on-one to creatively lead their teams. The effective growth and enjoyment they experience from it is what brings me joy.'


Trained in Design Thinking and Systemic Coaching.

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I utilize a method from the creative industry combined with systemic coaching and my own personal creative leadership experiences. I know how to ignite creativity and I will teach you about the various factors that influence your creativity and the creativity of your teams. If your creative torch is lit, you can also ignite and sustain the creative flame within your teams.

From issue to opportunity
with design thinking

Design thinking is often applied in the development of products or services. We typically associate design with something tangible. Design simply means that you have conceived something and given it a form. A plan or a strategy is also a design.

Therefore, design thinking can be effectively applied to address and solve potential issues within yourself or your teams. It is a fast and effective method. It helps you map out your issue and then discover the opportunities and create an action plan. It clears the path to creative thinking.



You indicate what you want to work on or what you want to achieve.



We explore the opportunities and obstacles.



Based on your insights, we develop an action plan.



Through small assignments, you will embark on an exploration journey. This way, you can experience the impact and effects it has on you personally and your team.



Based on the new insights gained from your testing phase, you can adjust your plan or continue moving forward confidently.

For whom:

  • Independent entrepreneurs

  • CxOs, executives, managers

I coach in various areas:

  • Conflicts/decisions, at work or in personal life

  • Stressful issues Meaning, work, and life questions

  • Blockages


  • Development of your Creative Intelligence

  • FREE copy of 'Unlock Your Creativity'

  • Regular motivational emails

Intake 30 min.


Coachingsession 60 min.

€ 250,-

Coachingsession 30 min.

€ 135,- 


  • excl. VAT

  • Deductible for self-employed individuals and organizations (consult with your accountant) Eligible for training budget (check with the HR department of your employer if they have a personal development budget)

  • Plan hier je intakegesprek van ongeveer 20 minuten

    20 min

    20 euro
  • Plan hier je personal coaching sessie

    1 hr

    250 euro
Book your coaching session and receive a FREE copy of 'Unlock Your Creativity' (DUTCH)

or order the book directly with insights, methods, and philosophy to trigger your creative thinking.
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Download the sheet with more information about personal coaching.

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