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Over de trainer en coach
Charles Hale


As a creative leader within various organizations, I discovered that I could easily make others more creative as well, regardless of their discipline. The energy, joy, and motivation that arise from this are amazing!

Creativity is the foundation of solutions and innovations. I genuinely don't understand why companies do so little to stimulate a creative culture and prioritize development. They often don't make it a priority to further develop creativity in different departments/teams. On the other hand, there is often a lack of knowledge on how to do this.

Fortunately, I now know that you can learn and teach creativity. You can create a creative culture together. Creativity is not just a matter of talent. Once you understand how it works, it becomes clear. I train people to apply it and keep practicing. As a coach, I teach others how to deal with setbacks and turn them into opportunities. I use ITS (Inspiration, Trust, Support) and Design Thinking as tools to break free from our thinking patterns and be open to 'different'.

Previously, I worked as a creative and strategic director at advertising agencies and advertisers. Now, for several years, I have been a brand strategy & activation freelancer, focusing on proposition, positioning, and brand development. This helps create more differentiation and a stronger internal and external brand preference.



  • 33 years of experience in creativity within and outside the creative industry

  • Active as a Brand & Business strategist and creative

  • Worked for brands in various industries, both B2B and B2C

  • Ranked 16th among the most awarded creatives in the Netherlands

  • Creator of campaigns such as the AH Hamster Weeks and Joker Weeks

  • 2-time agency owner

  • eam lead for 32 creatives

  • Author of 'Unlock Your Creativity'

  • Professional photographer


Creative Director/Leader at the largest advertiser in the Netherlands


Professional photographer

Author of: 'Unlock Your Creativity'
It's easier than you think

Clients and companies I had the opportunity to peek behind the scenes:

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