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Do you want to make leaps together and elevate your plans, strategies, propositions, concepts, or designs to a higher level? Book a team consultation. 

Do you recognize the feeling that there's more potential, but you can't quite grasp it? That there's something missing? Or perhaps you know that your plans could be a bit sharper or better? Or maybe you're simply feeling stuck. In that case, book a creative consultation and take steps forward together.

During a half or full day session, we will dive deep into the matter. You can bring as much to the table as you'd like. We will explore the briefing (product/service, question, target audience, market, objective), solution, any obstacles, and your presentation. Throughout the session, I will provide explanations and give you tools on how to conduct such sessions on your own in the future.

A team consultation is valuable in multiple ways. In addition to refining and improving the work, I will also train you to be more creative as a team.

For optimal results during the session, team consultations require a clear briefing.


Creative Consults are good for:


  • Reviewing plans / strategies / concepts / designs/communication campaigns

  • Change strategies

  • Optimizing briefings

  • Guiding creatives Learning how to present and sell ideas

  • Recruitment

  • Second opinion on business or marketing plans Supplement or follow-up to a workshop

For whom:

  • Content teams, marketing teams, brand teams

  • Different types of organizations, institutions, and companies

  • As a guest speaker at educational institutions

  • Investment firms, startups, and scale-ups

Consultation prices.

€ 950 per half-day or € 225 per hour

  • Prices are excluding VAT

  • Excluding any catering, venue rental, and guest speakers.

Out of the Box Trigger Talks

Podcast where I, from within my 'box', trigger and motivate you to think differently with insights and easy weekly assignments.


Are you game?

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