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Maximize the creative thinking capacity and output of your participants.

Most of us have participated in a brainstorming session at some point. By now, you probably know different methodologies. Each methodology has its merits.

Essential for a successful brainstorming session is the group dynamics that work, creating the right atmosphere, safety, and the right balance of relaxation and effort.

The foundation of a brainstorming session is understanding how creativity works and how to activate it in oneself and others. But how do you do that? What should participants and leaders pay attention to? When you book a session, I will take the group through a mini-masterclass on 'creativity' to bring everyone to the same level. Establishing the objective leads to maximum output with professional and effective team guidance. I intervene when things get stuck, using inspiring humor to bring about new insights and surprising approaches to keep everyone engaged and attentive.

And then comes an equally important process as the brainstorming session itself: distilling the outcomes and extracting the essence.

Interested in an effective and creative brainstorming session? Want to know what's possible? Call me at 06 111 554 11 or fill in the form below.

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Out of the Box Trigger Talks

Podcast where I, from within my 'box', trigger and motivate you to think differently with insights and easy weekly assignments.


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