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Develop your creative intelligence and unlock your potential, both personally and collectively.


unlock your creativity
from 'Out of' to 'Outside the Box'

In a day, I will introduce you to what already lies within you. Learn what creativity is and how to evoke it in yourself and others. I will introduce methods and a philosophy that will help unlock your creativity.
We will engage in exercises and get to work.

Starting at € 1.499 per group

creative culture course

A comprehensive program consisting of three stages. Changing a culture is not a simple task. Becoming creative doesn't happen in just one day. Patterns need to be disrupted, and mindsets need to be adjusted. It takes time and attention. I provide that strategically, at tactical moments, in a structured manner.


Starting from € 11.900 per team

creative consult

Do you want a second opinion on an idea, briefing, plan, or feedback? Or do you need support, guidance, or direction in overcoming a blockage, situation, or conflict?

€ 950 per half-day

creative Trigger Talks Live

A speeddate with your other way of thinking.

Your creative way.

Starting at € 499

Professional Brainstorm sessie

Brainstorms are highly effective when properly prepared, introduced, and facilitated. They allow for recognizing opportunities and iterating on them using specific methods.

Starting at € 2.499


I will guide you to tap into your creative thinking abilities, enabling you to turn challenges into opportunities. Together, we will develop a strategy and a step-by-step plan based on a concept development technique that is proven to be effective and efficient.

€ 250 per hour or € 135 per 30 minuten

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